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What Is Dynamat And Does Dynamat Work?

Mike Cross
Updated Nov 28, 2021
What Is Dynamat And Does Dynamat Work?

If you want to keep the sound in your car from your awesome speakers, and not have it go everywhere, then this article is the right one for you. In this article, we are going to discuss a product called Dynamat, which does just that.

If you have an upgraded sound system and want to make it sound even better by keeping the sound where you want it, then you should continue reading this article. We are going to cover what Dynamat is, what it is for, how much you need, and even how to install it. After reading this article all your frequently asked questions about Dynamat will be answered.

What is Dynamat

So, before getting into what it does and how to install it, it is first important to understand exactly what Dynamat is. Well, in simple terms it is a rubber mat with an aluminum back that has sticky on the backside. This is a really simple explanation, but it is accurate.

A more technical description though is it is super sticky butyl rubber and this is bound to an aluminum alloy skin. The rubber is created using specially formulated Vector Chemistry. This is a special process that is only used by the Dynamat company.

The aluminum alloy is strong but flexible. It helps give the mat strength, but also allows you to fit it wherever you need to in your vehicle. The sticky is strong and helps hold the mat into a place where you need it.

What is Dynamat for

So, the next thing to focus on is what is Dynamat for. Well, from the introduction you already know that it is to help keep the sounds from your stereo system inside your car. This way you don’t get distortion and things while listening to your music loud. However, it is not just for that. It is also to help keep outside noise out.

Dynamat is essentially designed to soundproof your car. It is to give you a quieter ride. The rubber absorbs the sound coming from the vibrations of the road. It is also good for eliminating vibrations in your doors and vehicle. By filling up the space between panels wires don’t have anywhere to rattle around or hit things.

Who is it for

So, you may be wondering who exactly Dynamat is for. Well, it was designed for hot rod racers and custom builders. This is because hot rods can get pretty loud. However, it has expanded to be useable by anyone. As you will find out soon it is a very easy product to use and install. Any basic consumer can probably install it themselves.

This product is for anyone that wants a quieter ride. Be it so you can hear your music better or maybe you just want the luxury feel. Dynamat can provide it for you. It can block out road noise, rain noise, and just makes your vehicle feel all around more solid.

How much do you need

The next thing we will cover is how much do you need? Well, the answer to this depends on the vehicle you have. You need enough to fit into all the door panels at a minimum.

  • If you want to go all out though, then you should line the inside of your trunk too.
  • If you have an SUV, then you will need to fill in the hatch space.

The best way to figure out how much Dynamat you are going to need for your vehicle is to just measure all the door panels and any other panels that you are going to be lining with the product. It is best to measure the inside to get an accurate measurement as possible, but if you don’t feel like removing panels before ordering, then measuring the outside should get you close enough. Then after measuring find the area and buy at least that many square feet of Dynamat. You might want to buy a little extra thought to account for cutting space.

If you struggle with measuring or just want to double check your measurements, then you can probably search online as well to find out how much you are going to need. A lot of forms have people talk about installing this and the information for how much they used should be available for most common vehicles. The key is to just account for cutting space and for being able to tuck the corners of the Dynamat into any cracks between the molding and things.

How to install

So, now that you know how much to get, the next thing you are probably wondering is how to install it. You are probably curious about if it is easy to install or if you will need to hire someone to do it. Well, as long as you are a little handy, then you should be able to install it yourself. Sometimes have a second set of hands during the install can help though, so if you got a free buddy, then that would make it even easier.

If you could measure and find how much you needed, then you can install this. The first thing you have to do to install the Dynamat is to remove the door panels and any other panels covering where you are going to install this. Depending on your vehicle that can mean taking out some bolts or just popping some clips lose. Be careful when removing panels though to not snap any clips.

Once the panels are removed all you have to do is double check your measurements and then cut the pieces of Dynamat to size. If you get it a little too small that is okay because it is designed to stretch and contour without tearing.

Once cut out you just have to press it into the panel. This is where having a friend can help because they can do one side while you do the other to make sure it is lined upright. You don’t have to do any prep to the panel or special treatment. The rubber will just adhere right to it. It is also designed to have no order and no dripping material. This makes installation easy.

Will it add weight and what about under carpet

The last question we will look at is will the Dynamat add weight to the vehicle and what about soundproofing the carpet area? Well, the answer to the weight question is yes it will add some, but it is not a substantial amount.

If you are worried about the weight though they make two different kinds of Dynamat an Xtreme version and a SuperLite version. Both do a great job at soundproofing, so if you want to cut weight you can go with the SuperLite version.

As for under the carpet areas they do offer some options for that. They offer Dynadeck which is a carpet option and Dynapad which goes under the existing carpets. This way your car can be soundproofed all the way around to give you the most comfortable ride.


So, now you know everything you need to know about Dynamat and all your questions should be answered. You know who it is for, and also more importantly what it is for. You also know what it is made of and how it works. Lastly, you know how to figure out how much you need for your vehicle and most important of all how to install it. Now you can get some Dynamat for your vehicle today to make the ride quieter and your music and sound system sound better.

Mike Cross
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