Driver And Driving

Apr 7, 2020
15 Quick Tips To Improve Gas Mileage For You!

There are a lot of reasons why you should ideally try to get the best gas mileage possible out of your vehicle. In addition to draining your pockets of any extra cash, burning up gas is also not great for our environment (to say the least). So today we are going to attempt to save […]

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Jan 18, 2020
Lawn Mower Maintenance Checklist!

Selecting a new lawnmower is an important decision when you want to keep your lawn lush and healthy. Once you’ve chosen the right unit to purchase, you’ll want to make sure your mower lasts as long as possible. Regular servicing gives you several years of efficient use. Developing a maintenance schedule for your mower is […]

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Jan 16, 2020
Why Is Your Cruise Control Not Working?

Nobody likes it when their cruise control not working. The whole point it was created was to reduce the stress put on drivers who are on the road for an extended amount of time. If it doesn’t work, it can be bothersome and a pain in the butt. Beyond that, it can be dangerous as […]

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Jan 12, 2020
10 Tips To Save Fuel For Your Car You Should Know

Anybody who drives a car, understands the cost of fuel. This is a recurring expense that happens when you own and drive a vehicle. Unfortunately, gas prices tend to vary. There are many factors that contribute to this; prices can change based on where you live, the political environment, the time of year and sometimes […]

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Dec 15, 2019
How To Winterize Your Car?

Everyone already has a pretty good idea of what kind of routine maintenance should be done on their cars. Everyday driving can and does take a toll on our vehicles. However, if you live in an area that gets winter weather such as ice, snow, sleet and low temperatures, you should do some winterizing for […]

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Nov 1, 2019
[Infographic] Automatic Car Gears Meaning You Have To Remember!

Whether you are a newly minted driver or a seasoned driver shifting from a manual transmission to an automatic one, you may have questions. It is true that an automatic transmission “does the work” for you when it comes to shifting gears. But as a responsible driver, it is a good idea to understand how […]

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Oct 21, 2019
What Causes RPM To Run High?

Few things strike fear in a driver, and having a car that has RPMs run high is one of them. It can be very disconcerting to be sitting at a stop light and have your car’s RPMs running high. What causes this to happen and should you be worried? There are a few reasons why […]

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Oct 14, 2019
How Long Does It Take For Car ECU To Relearn Things?

So, you reset your cars ECU. You may have done this intentionally, or you may have done this on an accident. Well, now it has to relearn all the different things it knows. This relearning process takes time just like it takes us, humans, time to learn. How long does it take the ECU to […]

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Oct 1, 2019
[Infographic] Which Is Better Between Manual vs Automatic Transmission?

One of the greatest debates, or mysteries, of driving a car has to do with transmission choice. There are two types of transmissions that cars are manufactured with - manual and automatic. The debate is often over which type is “better”. And for those who cannot drive a manual, it is a mystery. This article will […]

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Sep 5, 2019
Can Airbags Be Replaced After An Accident?

Perhaps one of the best inventions for cars and passengers has been the airbag. This amazing technology has saved lives and helped to reduce injuries in motor vehicle accidents.  Hopefully you will never have need of them, but they are always there for you -every time you get behind the wheel. But what happens if […]

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