About Us

Who am I?

Hi all, welcome to Land of Auto Guys. 🙂

My name is Mike Cross, let's call me Mike.

I am a Tech guy who has been a passion for car repair, car audio, camping with car...!  I started this blog mainly to connect with other guys also have the same favorite as me. 

This is me with my car on a trip to California

How content in this site was created?

I am not writing all articles in this blog, but all the content you will find on AutoGuysLand has been planned and edited by me to ensure we meet the highest quality standards.

I do tend to use freelance writers as my content Team to help me putting articles together but nothing is put on my site without acceptance from me, the chief editor. This is to ensure all information we publish is accurate and you can trust it. But I can also make some mistakes, please leave a comment if the content I give is not correct, I will research and correct it.

Connect with me via:

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  3. Email (remove space please, for avoid spam): mike  @    autoguyland.com