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Feb 11, 2020
5 Symptoms Of A Bad Or Failing Throttle Body

A throttle body plays a vital role in your vehicle’s performance. You find this component in vehicles with fuel injection. It is part of the air intake system, and it works by managing your vehicle’s air flow through the engine. When the throttle body goes bad, you’ll know it. It is important to know what […]

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Jan 11, 2020
Bad Harmonic Balancer Symptoms (8 Signs)

Harmonic balancers play an integral role in protecting your vehicle’s engine from harmonic vibrations. Through this protection, your engine is kept safe from damaging vibrations that could cause damage to your vehicle. You’ll find the crankshaft harmonic balancer connected to the engine. It’s found on almost all rotating internal combustion engines, so these symptoms will […]

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Jan 5, 2020
How To Protect Wires From Engine Heat?

The electrical system of your car is vast. There are wires used to connect everything from windshield wipers to the alternator and everything else in between. Without this electrical system, you would have a lot of difficulty running your car. All of the wires in the electrical system connect in the engine. This is the […]

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Dec 25, 2019
What Causes An Engine To Backfire Through The Exhaust?

There is nothing as loud, or as embarrassing, as hearing your car backfire as you drive down the street. What causes your car to backfire and is it bad for your car? It is important to know where the backfire is occurring to know why it is happening and how you can fix it. Anytime […]

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Nov 9, 2019
Engine Ticking At Idle When Warm

There is no greater sound than the purr of an engine as it smoothly drives along the road. It is understandable then, that when we hear other noises coming from under the hood we are concerned. We are concerned because generally unusual sounds coming from under the hood signal big and expensive problems. It can […]

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Sep 9, 2019
How To Tell If Your Engine Has Sludge?

Perhaps the dreaded check engine light has come on. Maybe your car just seems “off” or less responsive. It is possible that your low oil light has come on. Your vehicle may be having an issue with engine sludge. It is crucial that you identify and take steps to correct this before it becomes an […]

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Aug 31, 2019
What Is Different Between Camshaft vs Crankshaft?

There are two words that seem to get thrown around often when talking about vehicles - camshaft and crankshaft. Many times, these words are almost used interchangeably. What do these two terms actually mean and can they really be used interchangeably?  Let us take a closer look at each word and how it relates to […]

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Aug 14, 2019
What Causes Piston Slap And What To Do?

We depend on our motor vehicles every day to get us to work or to take care of your families. So, following routine care and maintenance is a must. Cars are expensive and designed with a well thought out engine. Even though you take care of your car by falling scheduled care, there are times […]

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Aug 9, 2019
Symptoms of Failing Camshaft Position Sensor

Every vehicle has a camshaft, and in newer modern vehicles there is a camshaft position sensor. This sensor plays a very important role in your car to ensure that it runs properly. In this article, we are going to explain what the camshaft position sensor is, what it does, and why it is so important. […]

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Aug 4, 2019
Dodge Ram Blower Motor Works Intermittently

Dodge Ram trucks are popular vehicles and are used by many. They are generally reliable, but what can you do if you have the occasional problem? One occasional problem seems to be that the blower motor works intermittently. This can certainly be a pain for the Ram owner, but does it also signify a bigger […]

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