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Dodge Ram Blower Motor Works Intermittently

Mike Cross
Updated Sep 2, 2021
Dodge Ram blower motor works intermittently

Dodge Ram trucks are popular vehicles and are used by many. They are generally reliable, but what can you do if you have the occasional problem? One occasional problem seems to be that the blower motor works intermittently. This can certainly be a pain for the Ram owner, but does it also signify a bigger issue? And what can you do to fix this annoying problem?

Dodge Ram blower motor works intermittently
Dodge Ram blower motor works intermittently

What is the purpose of the blower in your Dodge Ram?

The blower in your Dodge Ram is used to help regulate the temperature. This blower is run by a motor when you are using either the heat or the AC. It is necessary for your comfort to have the blower working consistently. You want to circulate the heat when it is cold and the AC during warmer weather.

How will I know if my blower is working intermittently?

You might notice that your blower is not working right if you observe a couple of things. You may notice that your blower will start right away when you switch it on, but that it suddenly will stop working. You might also notice that it takes a while for your blower to start up after you switch it on. Other signs of an intermittent blower could be that it sounds like it is running on a low voltage.

Check blower motor
Check blower motor

Why might it be only working intermittently?

If you notice your blower motor is off, you need to find out why so that you can correct the problem. There could be many reasons why your blower is working intermittently. It could be that the wiring is bad and needs to be replaced, the motor might need to be replaced, you could have a faulty resistor or you could have an issue with your ignition switch.

How to check your resistor

The resistor is part of your vehicle’s HVAC system. If that wiring is burnt out, it will need to be replaced. You can purchase a new resistor online or through your local auto parts retailer. Replacing the old resistor with the new one is simply a matter of plugging it in. If the resistor was bad, then once the new one is installed your blower should work just fine. If not, you need to look further.

What if it's your motor that’s faulty?

You can tell if your motor needs to be replaced fairly easily. You will be able to quickly assess how well your motor reacts to you switching the speed settings on your heat and AC. If you find a lag, or the motor is not as responsive, you may need to change the blower motor.

Remove the blower motor from under the hood of your vehicle. You can use a voltmeter to see how much life it has in it, or not. If it is a dead motor, again you need to replace it. Your local auto parts or dealership can make sure you buy the correct motor replacement for your Dodge Ram. If you are replacing the motor, replace the resistor as well. Those wires do go bad and it makes good sense to replace both the resistor and the motor together.

What if you are still having trouble with intermittent blowing?

If after you have checked the resistor and the motor and you are still having problems, you need to start looking a little more deeply.

Another cause for blower motor failure is that the connector wire is melted or otherwise faulty. You can visually check this wiring to see if it is damaged. If this wire looks fine, without any visible burns or melting, you need to look further. If this wiring is ok but you are still having trouble, it is possible that you have an issue with your ignition switch.

You will need to remove the steering wheel cover. Then you can check the switches and the connectors to be sure they are free from melting and burns as well. If you need to, you can easily purchase replacements parts at your dealership or auto parts store and install them yourself.

Once you have new parts installed, replace the steering wheel cover and you should be all set.

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Points To Remember

If you notice that your heat or AC is not blowing consistently, you may have a problem with your blower. When you are running your vehicle and turn the Heat or AC on, it should blow out consistently with the settings you have out it on. If not, you need to do some investigating.

If your blower is blowing intermittently, it may be due to a few different reasons. It is possible that your wiring is dirty. Simply look at them and clean them up if needed. It is also possible that your resistor needs to be replaced. This is a set of wiring that is part of your car’s HVAC system. It is easy to purchase a new one and swap it for the damaged one.

It is also possible that the motor itself is dying. Again, all you need to do is replace the motor. Your local dealership or auto parts store can help you purchase the correct part. If you are replacing the motor, it is a good idea to replace the resistor as well since this part does wear out.

If you are still having issues with intermittent blowing, you will need to check your ignition switch. Sometimes these wires get dirty/melted/disconnected and then you will find the wiring for the motor is affected. You simply remove the steering wheel cover and check. If you notice any wires that are burned or melted, they need to be replaced. Then your motor should work just fine.


Having a blower that works intermittently is an inconvenience. Fortunately, it is a relatively easy problem that can be fixed in your own driveway. Make sure you have the right wires and motor and you should have your heat and AC working consistently in no time at all.

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  1. Here was my situation to an intermittent blower motor. Moisture had gotten into fuse box. Look under the 40 amp relay. The spade connector had oxidized not allowing 12 v from the relay to blower motor. Cleaned spade put dialelectric grease. No more intermittent problem.

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