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[Infographic] How to Keep Your Car Clean Inside

Mike Cross
Updated May 18, 2021
How to Keep Your Car Clean Inside
How to Keep Your Car Clean Inside

Are you in your car a lot? Has it gotten dirty? A lot of people spend a lot of time in there car, and it is easy to get the inside of your dirty. From eating in the car to just riding in it, it doesn’t take long for the inside of the car to get dirty and for the dust to build up.

This is especially true if you have kids with all their different toys and things in the backseat. Well, in this article we are going to look at how to keep your car clean and organized. We will also have a few cleaning tips tucked in here, but the main focus of this article is how to keep the inside of your car clean.

How to Keep Your Car Clean Inside
How to Keep Your Car Clean Inside


The first area that gets dirty quickly is the cupholders. That is because drinks leak in them a lot and a lot of people keep there a loose change in them which is dirty. Well, the best way to clean the cupholders out is to use a cup and put a sock around it with a cleaning solution on it. Then you can just lift it up and down and the pressure of the cup will help the old sock clean the sides of the cupholder. Once the cup holder is clean it is time to keep it clean.

There are a few items you can use to keep your cupholder clean and organized. You can use silicone cupcake holders and stick them in there. These can then be removed and washed when they get dirty. Another way to keep the cup holder clean if you want to hold change is to use an old gum container. They are round and designed for the cupholder spot. You can put your change in it and it will keep it from getting dirt everywhere. This also keeps the change from getting dirty and sticky.


So, now that you have the cup holders clean and staying clean, the next big thing that leads to your car getting dirty is trash floating around inside of it. Trash can come from just a random drink to eating in your car regularly. There are a few different methods to deal with trash. The simplest is to just have a grocery bag type bag and stick all the trash in it. Then throw it out when you get out of the car. If you don’t want a bag rolling around though, you can get a small trash can and keep it in the car. This might spill as well though. Another solution is to get a cereal container that you can close. Then put the grocery bag in it to hold the trash. Since the container can close, this will help hold smells in.


Speaking of having grocery bags for trash, it never hurts to have a few extra on hand for wet cloths or different things. To store extra grocery bags in the car you can use old tissue boxes or old cleaning wipe containers. You can stuff the grocery bags into these things, and then you will have extra bags on hand.

Glove Compartment

The next area that gets dirty easily is the glove compartment. That is because a lot of times you stick your paperwork into it and then don’t take the time to clean it out. Stuff just is always getting added, but the time is never taken to clean it. Also, you use it to hid stuff quickly if you know people are about to get in the car and you want to make it look cleaner. The best way to combat this problem is to use a foldable portfolio organizer in the glove box. This way you can label each section and have specific items in their proper pouch. Then when you get new documents such as insurance papers or registration you can add it to where it goes and get ride of the old one.

Trunk / Hatch

One of the other common areas to get messy inside the car is the trunk or hatch. That is because, again like the glove box, it is an area that you don’t look much. You put books, papers, and whatever else back there and then forget and it slides around. The best way to organize that is to put plastic touts in the trunk or hatch. Then you can put whatever you are taking with you for the day in those and it will keep it from moving around. These bends also are great for when you grocery shop because you can put your grocery bags in them on the way home so you don’t have to worry about your groceries going everywhere.

Back Seat

The last specific area we are going to cover in the back seat. This area is really hard to keep clean, especially if you have kids. If you have kids you can use bins to organize their toys. You can also use seat mats to cover the backs of the seats to keep footprints off of them. Having a trash bag in your car will help you from building up trash in the back seat because a lot of times that is the place that old food bags and drink cups end up.

#1 Tip on How to Keep Your Car Clean Inside

The #1 tip though for keeping your car clean on the inside is to clean it regularly and have car rules. Make rules such as no eating in the car or that all trash must be carried in after driving. This way your car will stay clean.


  • Some other tips to keep your car clean on the inside is to
  • Use covers to seal any gaps such as between seats and the console.
  • Use velcro walls in the trunk to hold things in place.
  • Use collapsible containers in the back or trunk to hold things.
  • Keep napkins or cleaning wipes in the car to clean up spills
  • Keep foam paintbrushes in the car to clean air vents.
  • Put bunny cord across hatch or trunk to hold things up and in.
  • Get a car organizer for the back of seats.
  • Use dog hammock or seat cover on back seats if you have pets.


Now after reading this you know all kinds of tips to keep the inside of your car clean. This guide does not tell the secrets to get your car clean. That is a whole different story. Once it is clean though it is important to keep it clean. That is because cars are expensive and you want to keep it nice and holding its value. You should do everything you can to keep the inside of your car clean, and now with these tips, you are on your way to doing just that.

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