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Can A Car Run Without A Battery?

Mike Cross
Updated Sep 2, 2021
Can A Car Run Without A Battery

Your car's battery is a key component in it. A lot of people have experienced a dead battery and the issues that have caused you. Your car uses the battery to send power to the spark plugs to get the engine to turn over.

This means that if you have a weak battery, your car won’t even start. However, some people still wonder if you can run a car without your battery?

Well, read on to find the answer to this question and also all the important details pertaining to this question. The answer may actually surprise you.


Can A Car Run Without A Battery
Can A Car Run Without A Battery

Cars Electrical System

So, before getting into the answer of if you can run your car without the battery or not, we will first take a brief look at the electrical system to help understand this question.

The electrical system is composed of your car’s battery, the alternator, and all the other electrical components. The battery is normally used to run anything needed power, and the alternator takes extra mechanical power from the engine and uses it to recharge the battery.

This process continues while the car is running and then when you turn it off you should have a charged battery that is ready to start your car again.

Can you run car without battery?

So based off of this explanation it would sound like you can not run your car without the battery because the battery is what supplies the power to everything that needs it.

Well, this assumption that you can’t run your car without the battery is false. You actually can run a car without the battery, assuming that it is already started and running.

That is because the alternator can provide the power to the system if there is not a battery there to run them. Continue reading to learn how this works and why it works.

If you battery is dead, you should replace it, but it is not, you should use the best car battery maintainer to recharge your car battery.

What about bad alternator? Will your car run with a bad alternator?

The answer is yes, but the car will be only running for a short time and the energy stored in the battery will also running strictly off

Alternator powering things

The alternator is generally strong enough to power the basic things because it normally puts off 14 volts of electricity. You may know that a car battery is normally only 12 volts.

The extra volts that the alternator puts off is so the battery can get fully charged while being drained, but if the battery isn’t there, then the alternator can send the power it is putting off to the electrical components that need them.

So, yes you can run a running car without the battery. It is just ran off the alternator if the battery is not present.

Should you

you should not run your car without a battery
You should not run your car without a battery

Just because you can do something though leads to the question of should you do it. In this instance should you ever run your car off the alternator and disconnect the battery while the car is running.

The answer to this is normally no; you should not run your car without a battery. This is for multiple reasons.

The main reason why you should not run your car without the battery is that the alternator doesn’t always put off even amounts of power.

This means that as the car runs the alternator can spike with the power output that it is putting out. Your battery can handle these spikes and has buffers designed to protect it, but other parts of your cars electrical system does not have protection against these spikes.

That means that parts of your electrical system could get fried or blow if you are running them off the alternator instead of the battery.

Outside of surges and possible damage to your car you should also not run the car without a battery because it puts extra stress on the alternator.

This is because the alternator is not designed to run parts of the vehicle but instead is intended to charge the battery. Whenever you use something for a purpose that it wasn’t made for you, risk damaging it.

There are very few reasons why it would be a good idea to disconnect the battery while the car is running even though you technically can, and the vehicle would stay running.

You may have disconnected your battery while the car was running before or had someone tell you it is okay, but it is not recommended.

You might do it a bunch, or they might have done it a bunch and had no bad luck with surges, but it only takes one time and one surge to ruin the whole electrical system of your car.

So it is important to remember the risk involved in running your car without the battery before doing it even though you can.

Start without Battery

So, this might lead you to the question of why can you not start the car without the battery? If the alternator can run the car and electrical components while the car is running, why can’t it put off power to start the car?

Well, the reason that the alternator can’t be used to start the car goes back to how it works and what it is made to do. It is made to convert mechanical power from the engine to electrical power.

The alternator just converts power and does not store power. That is why a car has a battery. The batteries job is to store power so the car can use it when it is not running and has no other source of power.

This is why if your battery is dead you can’t start your car and why also why you can’t start your car without your battery.


So, now you know that you actually can run your car without the battery. This might be a surprise to some people since the battery is such an important part, but as long as the car is running the alternator can provide enough power to keep it running and power the different systems.

However, just because you can run your car without the battery doesn’t mean you should. You risk damage to your alternator and the rest of your car if there is a power surge.

That means you shouldn’t risk running your car without the battery unless you have a very good reason.

Also, it is important to remember your car won’t start without the battery, so if you are running it without the battery don’t expect to be able to start it again until you connect the battery.

Now you know all you need to know to answer the question of can you run your car without the battery?

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2 comments on “Can A Car Run Without A Battery?”

  1. It does not matter if you have a battery or not regarding power surges. The alternator is hooked up in parallel with the battery so if there is a power surge then there is a power surge the battery hooked up does not prevent this. All vehicles will run without a battery once it’s started if the vehicles grounding system is sound.

    1. Yeah, you know, the alternator is not all-powerful. The presence of the battery would have a huge influence on the quality of the car's DC.

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