What Are The Best GPS For Truckers In 2024 (Truck GPS Navigation)

Mike Cross
Updated Jan 25, 2024
What Are The Best GPS For Truckers (Navigation For Truck Drivers)

Having an excellent, reliable GPS is important, and in these days it is really easy to find one.

There are a lot of GPS devices on the market. You can even use your phone. For a trucker though, it is even more important to have a reliable and accurate GPS.

Since there are so many roads that have low overpasses and things that can cause a truck not to get thru, it is a good idea for a truck driver to have a GPS dedicated to them.

There is still a lot of different truck GPS on the market though, so it can be hard to know which ones are good.

Our list about Best GPS for Truckers in 2024

If you don't have enough time, let's take a look to my comparison chart here:



Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD 7-Inch GPS Navigator
  • Search millions of additional new and popular restaurants, shops and more with Foursquare
  • Track maintenance, hours of service, fuel use & more
  • Customized routing for the size and weight of your truck
DS2-table-__imageTomTom VIA 1515M 5-Inch GPS with Lifetime Map Updates
  • 4 or 5-Inch Touchscreen Display with Split Screen Junction View.Battery lifetime:3 hours
  • 4 full map updates per year at no extra cost
  • Its VIA offers Advanced Lane Guidance, which helps you prepare for your next directional move by highlighting the correct driving lane
DS2-table-__imageGarmin dezl 560LMT 5-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates
  • Specialized truck routing supports commercial class 8 rating
  • Lifetime maps and traffic included
  • Lane assist with junction view
DS2-table-__imageRand McNally Intelliroute TND 520 Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps
  • Show current conditions and forecast, including precipitation and wind speed
  • Track fuel purchases by date and by state; calculate current and average fuel economy
  • Keep timers and mileage separately for two team members



First up on our list is the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD. This GPS is excellent and has a lot of features built into it.

For starters, this GPS has a bright 7-inch glass screen which makes seeing the maps and other functions easy. This truck GPS unit can sit on the dash or hook into mount.

The battery life is short when not kept plugged; it is only about one to two hours.

The routes it gives are accurate and can even be customized based on your truck. You can put the size and weight of your truck in, and it will only take you on routes that will work for you. You can also enter in all your stops, so you go to them in the best order.

Lastly, when it comes to the routes and map, the maps are updated for life, so you don’t ever worry about this unit becoming out of date. You do have to be sure to update it though, which some users forget to do and this can cause frustration and problems.

Outside of the mapping features, this GPS device has other trucking specific add-ons. One of those is an Hours-of-Service log. In this log, you can keep track of oil changes, tire changes, tire mileage, and anything else you might need to track.

This GPS lets you record pretty much anything. You can also transfer information from this device to your computer to help with filling out log books.

Another thing that this GPS can do that is nice is it can connect to a Bluetooth headset. This means that you can get the directions straight to your ear, instead of having to try to listen to it while you drive. It also uses landmarks as guidance on top of distance.

Lastly, this model has information on where truck stops and repair shops are. This is convenient, so you can always find the best place to stop on your route.

The only issue with this GPS is the same as any of them. You have to keep them updated, and even then it might not be 100 percent accurate. Road work starts all the time, and if you don’t update daily, then it might not be included.

Also, some people have had issues with their units dying, but this seems to be an older problem that has been resolved. Outside of these things, the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD  is still a very good GPS unit.

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Next up we have the TomTom VIA 1515M. This unit is a little smaller than the previous with only a 5-inch screen, but that is still plenty big for most situations, and the screen has good resolution.  

The battery life on this unit is pretty good at 3 hours and can be charged quickly.

The screen has a split screen feature so you can display two things at once, and also it is a touchscreen which makes navigation easy. Also, it comes with a small amount to hold the device while in use.

The routes that the TomTom VIA 1515M are excellent and accurate. It has real-time travel times and also comes with at least four major map updates a year for life. Four updates may not be enough to keep every detail right, but it gets the major ones. Also, this unit does an excellent job of helping you know what lane to be in and which route is best for trucks.

This unit you can’t record as much information in it as the previous unit, but it does still have points of interest stored in it. These range from gas stations and truck stops to repair places which is nice. This unit does have map share, so people in the area can share new information about the roads, and the directions are spoken out loud which makes following them more natural.

The downside to this unit is sometimes it has issues connecting to a satellite and formulating a route. If you are in an area that is the distance from major regions, then it can have trouble finding the best route and will keep searching. Also, some have had issues with the mount being cheap, but the mount issues seem to be an older one. The TomTom VIA 1515M is still a functional unit, and it is nice that it can run off the battery, but it isn’t perfect and only does necessary GPS things. One last nice bonus though is it includes Canada maps, which some units charge extra for.

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Now we will move on to another unit from Garmin. This time it is their 5-inch model which is the Garmin dēzl 560LMT. The color screen is touch screen and has a top quality resolution. The unit is small and compact and easy to place on the dash in your truck for easy reading. It also has a great battery that can last 4 hours without being plugged in. This unit has real-time traffic which helps when finding the best routes and also has class 8 commercial vehicle routing.

When it comes to the routing, it is accurate and will take you the best way that is in the system. It finds the routes fast and doesn’t have satellite issues like some others. This unit has lifetime map updates, but like any unit, the maps can get outdated sometimes between updates. This unit doesn’t have all the mileage tracking and log tracking of the other Garmin on this list, but it still has truck stop and repair information. You can search and see what is at upcoming exits so you can be prepared when you get there. This unit also has lane assist and has a junction view so you can now exactly which lane to be in to be able to go the way you need too. This will help prevent last minute lane changes.

Most users like this unit and it work well for them. Some have had issues though with the Garmin dēzl 560LMT using routes that weren’t the best. Also, if you have a bigger or special truck, then it might take you on a route that doesn’t work, or if you are doing oversized things, then you might run into issues since you can’t put your specific truck dimensions into this unit. This unit though will get the job done in most situations and is a straightforward use basic unit that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but is small and gets the job done.

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Last up is the Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 520. This truck GPS unit is packed full of all kinds of features. It has a bright 5-inch screen that is easy to read and navigate. Its compact size also makes it easy to mount with the mount that it comes with. The battery life on this unit is short though, at only about an hour, it comes with the cord to plug it in, so it will stay charged. One cool thing about this unit that makes it stand out is that it can connect to wifi hotspots. This means that it can access the internet to have the most up to date information. It can tell you the weather, gas prices, and anything else you might need to know.

The routes that the Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 520 provides are good, and it has lifetime map updates. The courses are formed with technology that has over 70 years of experience behind them to make sure that they are the best route possible. You can also see alternate routes and access information about what is at each exit so you can know what is ahead if you need to stop. Lastly, you can see junction and lane information, so you are prepared when you get to a split beforehand instead of having to switch at the last minute. The system this uses allows for driver input so that others can warn of changes ahead. You can even set reminders for speed limit changes and things so that you won’t be caught off guard.

Outside of the routes and maps that this unit offers, it also provides full log abilities. You can track fuel mileage, tire mileage, and even driving hours. Anything that needs to go into a log book can be tracked here. It also has a team driver tracking mode so that you can monitor two peoples records in the same unit. This is nice, so you can keep your team logs organized and separated. One last thing about the features of this unit is that it will still connect to satellites if you don’t have wifi available. This means that it is not entirely useless without the internet. It also has databases built into it to draw information from, so you won’t be left without any navigation.

Just like every other unit, some people have encountered areas where the routes weren’t the most accurate or it took them a way they couldn’t go because of road changes, but this is to be expected when using any GPS. Sometimes the only way to know things is to be there. A few other users have had issues with the units being bad, but the customer service provided by Rand McNally is top notch, and these issues were resolved. If you want a GPS that can be counted on and stood behind, then the Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 520 is a great option.

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Which on to Choose.

All four of these truck GPS unit are good and have good things going for them, but the best truck GPS comes down to the Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 520 or the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD

This is because they offer so many more features than just giving you map information. Being able to record your logs and keep track of important details makes them stand out from the crowd.

The others aren’t bad, but those two are just better, and if you are investing in a trucking GPS device, then you want to get a good one.


Finding a reliable GPS can be hard, especially for trucking, but all four of these are a great starting point. The key is to find one that has lifetime map updates and if you can real-time updates as well.

After reading this, you can have a better idea of which model is the best truck GPS for your needs, but one of these is sure to do the trick. The market is flooded with, and you want to make sure you find one that will work for you without trial and error.

That is why you should get the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD if you want a big screen with all the features or the Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 520  if you want something a little smaller. These best GPS for trucker won’t let you down, and they will last you a long time. Both companies have good reputations, and that is important when running a truck because using the best route and getting places on time is your business, and your GPS is the lifeline that allows you to do just that.

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