AC System

Jul 26, 2019
What Can Cause AC Low Side Pressure To Be Too High?

Have you ever encountered your AC's high-pressure buildup on the low side? I did during my last trip. I also realized it's a common issue during hot summers. But what factors contribute to AC low side pressure being too high?  Excessive AC pressure leads to discomfort under the scorching sun and gradual damage to the […]

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Nov 30, 2018
Overcharged AC System – What Happens And What To Do?

I realized my car's air conditioner wasn't working well a few months ago. After inspection, I noticed my AC was overcharged with freon gas. I knew it could harm my compressor, so I had to find a solution.  This excessive pressure buildup within your system can cause leaks or component failures. If you are struggling […]

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Oct 20, 2018
How To Discharge Car AC At Home?

Most cars these days have air conditioners in them, and this is a nice luxury to have because it keeps you cool in the summer. If it is hot outside your window isn’t going to do much good, so having your car AC to rely on is a conviction that most people take for granted. […]

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