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Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Double Din Head Unit Review

Mike Cross
Updated Oct 19, 2020
Pioneer AVH-4100NEX

The Pioneer AVH-4100NEX is one of the best double din head units in the market today. It is a 50 Watt DVD stereo receiver featuring  a 7 inch touch screen LCD display with a resolution of 800x 400 pixels.

Looking at it at first glance, one will wonder where the DVD input is. It has a motorized monitor which can be accessed by pressing the eject button on the front and then press the disc icon on the settings. The motorized LCD will flip open on its own revealing the disc slot.

Another unique feature about the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX is its compatibility with SD cards. The SD card slot is just below the disc one and you can enjoy mp3,mp4, and even JPEGS multimedia.

Two new standard and popular features that come with this radio are the apple car play and android auto. Both of them will give you full access to your Smartphone. Apple car play will let you access apps like Google Maps, Itunes, spotify and Siri helps you makes calls and send texts without having to touch your phone.

App Radio 4

This double din head unit takes many of the same features from other Pioneer's flagships. It has an intuitive touch screen that responds to multiple commands. The Power of your Iphone is brought to your dashboard.

App Radio 4 leverages the power of Siri for texting and phone calls. You can tell Siri who you want to call or text without having to take your eyes off the road.

Your favorite music apps are right at your finger tips. No more fondling your phone to get to the song you love. You can access app maps from  this head unit and you can access real time traffic making it easy to avoid bad situations.

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Android Auto

Android auto is an interface which is specifically designed with driving in mind to make it as convenient as possible to access your Smartphone and minimize distractions. You get a Google maps tab by turn on tap navigation. You also get a music tab to turn on access to all the music including streaming apps like Pandora and Spotify and you even get a call tab to view your call history.

There is also an overview screen that will organize most of your important notifications in one screen. It will include the weather, calendar schedules and even missed calls.

The touch screen is pretty impressive and you can compare it to any high end Smartphone in the market today. The pinch and zoom features are user-friendly. It also has premium voice command and is satellite-ready.

Besides the radio, the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX comes with a wiring harness, USB extension, wireless remote and an external Bluetooth microphone.

Mike Cross
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