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How To Drive Automatic Transmission Car? 5 Things You Should Never Do!

Mike Cross
Updated October 19, 2020

There are things that you should never do when driving an automatic transmission vehicle. Some of them we do it every day and there is the assumption it is the correct way of doing it.

  1. Putting Vehicle On Neutral When Going Downhill

The logic behind this is you could save money as the neutral gear is economical on the fuel. This is far from the truth and it will only hurt your vehicle. When you are in neutral, the ability to take control  of your vehicle is limited. You only have the ability to slow your vehicle down but cannot speed up because you are in gear. Another reason why you shouldn't be doing it is because there are 15 States where it is illegal to do so. Some of these States are California, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan and so on.

  1. Shifting Direction

It is important that you stop before shifting directions. Some people will immediately shift to reverse when the car is still moving. The brakes should be used to stop the vehicle and not the transmission. The transmission is designed only to shift gears.

3.Launching Your Car

If you want your car to last as long as possible then you should never launch it. One of the common mistakes people make is to rave the car into neutral then drop it to drive. This is a dangerous way of launching your vehicle. The clutches and bands within the automatic transmission trying to absorb excess power which is meant to shift gears and not to handle a launch. You should put your foot on the gas and the brakes to build up the pressure within the torque convertor. This is a lot less dangerous than raving your vehicle on neutral then dropping it to drive.

  1. Putting Neutral When The Car Has Stopped

There is no reason why you should switch to neutral when you are seating at a stop light. There are those who believe having the car on drive puts a lot of pressure on the transmission. The truth is once you ease on the brakes and start accelerating, you are putting a far greater force into turbine. Leaving the drive doesn't mean you are putting a lot of pressure on the transmission compared to when accelerating. There is also no big difference when it comes to fuel economy. The easy solution would be turn the car off if you really want to save on the fuel.

5.Putting The Vehicle In Park

You should never put your vehicle in park until you have come to a complete stop. Most modern automatic transmissions will not allow you to do this but is important to understand why. When you put your vehicle in park, you are applying a pawl or a locking pin to a gear which is connected to the transmission's output shaft. If there are no mechanisms to do this, you could easily break the locking pin which is highly unlikely in modern vehicles but it is not recommended.

Mike Cross
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