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Best RC Cars To Buy In 2020

Mike Cross
Updated July 10, 2017

The best Rc Cars don't necessarily have to be the most expensive. There is always this notion that remote controlled cars are for kids and adults have no business in buying. There are many rc hobbyists out there and will only want to buy the best remote controlled cars.

What You Should Be Looking For In The Best Rc Cars

There are 5 kinds of RC cars that you should be aware of. What you chose will ultimately depend on the kind of racing and surface you prefer.

Street Cars

These are some of the popular RC cars. They are the fastest and run very well on smooth and flat surfaces. Do not buy them if you want to drive your RC in your backyard or a rough terrain.


This is a hybrid between on road an off road cars. In terms of speed, they come second after street cars but comes last when it comes to off road because of the low wheelbase.


They are more of on-road tires but have very slick tires compared to the other RC cars. If you love drifting then this is the car for you as it gets around very fast on corners while still maintaining a decent speed on the road.


Just as the name suggests, these are monster machines. They are your perfect off road companion but are very slow on-road as they flip around a lot. You should only buy them if you want to drive on the grass or in  the woods.


They are more of hybrid cars like the buggy but they tend to lean more on the off road side of things. When you look at it, it has the body of a buggy and the tires of  a truck.

Top 6 Best Remote Control Car For Sale In 2017

1. Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Electric Drift Car

This is one of the best RC Cars you will get if you are totally into drifting. It is ideal for both children and adult alike and is guaranteed to provide hours of endless joy and entertainment.

The car features an electric brush motor which enables it to move with ease on different terrains. For additional movement support, there is 4 wheel drive operation to make transition a lot more easier.

The back and forth movement is further enhanced by the light weight of the RC car and the wheelbase provides additional support during drifting.

This RC car comes with a 2.4GHz radio system which gives you better control. You can control the car from a distance and the radio system is very effective when it comes to handling multiple signals in succession.

When it comes to power, the EPX RC car has a 7.2v 2000mah battery for consistent performance. This battery is rechargeable and in most cases you will be playing more than charging because of its long lasting performance. You can get this RC car for below 200 bucks which is a great bargain considering what you will be getting.

  1. Traxxas E-Revo VXL RC Car

Traxxas is big name in the RC world and are known to produce quality products and this one is no exception.

It features a top speed of 30 mph but with just a little modification you can push it up to 50 mph.

It has a full time 4 wheel drive and can handle just about any terrain given the fact that is has a revo suspension system for better control and handling.

It is not particularly suited for younger children as the technology behind it can be mind boggling. It is ideal for children 14 years and above.

The Radio system is pistol-gripped remote control which supports ipad, Iphone, and android devices and what's more fascinating is the fact that you can record your speed through the Traxxas app which is available for both IOS and Android.

It weighs 5.1 pounds and it is just 13 inches in length. Not the biggest RC car you will see around but don't be deceived by its size because it has real raw power and is a beast when it comes to off road driving. It is a bit pricy compared to the other vehicles on our list but is definitely worth every penny.

  1. Traxxas XO-1 Supercar RTR Electric RC Car

This is yet another one from Traxxas and it is one of best RC cars on the list. It is the fastest RC car on the planet as it can go from 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and has a top speed of 100 mph which is just mind blowing.

When it comes to connectivity, this RC vehicle has the link wireless modules which has a ton of features like instant Bluetooth connectivity, intuitive graphical interface and real time monitoring as you drive.

It also has a stunning app which gives you complete control of the tuning and every operation of your remote control vehicle. The telemetry sensors comes factory-installed and you are able to check the battery voltage, speed, temperature and RPM of your car.

The dashboard is linked up with the Traxxas sensors for easy installation and customization.  You can customize the dashboard with either the digital and dial gauge.

Keeping the perfect control settings is always a challenge for most RC cars but not this one. Once you have had had the desired settings, you can save it as a default profile and can also share it with your friends who have the same car. You can use it straight out of the box as it is 100% ready.

  1. HPI Racing  Mustang  Radio Control Car

You must have known by now that RC drifting  cars perform exceptionally well in super smooth surfaces. This particular one is a street car and does a great job when it comes to on-road driving.

It is an electric vehicle and can perform realistic drift stunts as those you would expect in a real vehicle. It comes ready to use and immediately start driving it off the box. There is also a nice paint work on it which gives it an aesthetic feel.

It is a 4-wheel drive and comes with customized tires meant specifically for drifting.  It has a strong chassis which has been designed with durability and reliability in mind.

The remote control is an interesting feature and is one of the things that makes the HPI one of the best RC cars in the market today. It has an adjustable 3 channel mode operation as well as a steering knob with three channels.

The  HPI Racing E10 is also perfect for different kinds of flooring from tile, asphalt, paved grounds and blacktop.

This RC car is inexpensive and will you give a lot of enjoyment if you enjoy drifting.


  • Radio with 2.4 GHz
  • A/C Wall Charger
  • Rechargeable 7.2v NiMH HPI Plazma battery
  • Foam bumper that absorbs shock
  • A 27T 540H high-torque Saturn motor
  • Bellcrank steering
  • Waterproof speed control electronic
  • Waterproof SF-10W Servo
  • Adjustable body mounts
  • Remote Control
  1. HOSIM All Terrain RC Car S911

This is also one of the best RC  cars on the list and is a best seller on many ecommerce platforms. It is the perfect balance between functionality, quality and price.

The RC is surprisingly fast despite its size and can achieve a speed of up to 33 mph. This RC car is ready to run out of the box and comes with a an electric brush 390 motor, 2.4GHz tech which can run up to 20 vehicles.

It has a S-truck suspension which allows for superior control and handling of the RC car. If you are looking for an off road performer then you will love this car as it boasts of PVC rubber wheels which are both elastic and soft for antiskid and shock proof.

It has a shock proof system which protects the suspension links and springs and also the electrical components of the car.

It is an all-weather car even though it is semi-waterproof and it is not recommended you push it to the limit.


  • Most smart velocity 35+MPH
  • 4Ghz Radio system
  • Rubber tire with Sponge insert
  • Rear wheel drive, tremendous sport
  • With Ball Bearing

With Steering servos

  • Radio system: 2.4Ghz
  • Speed: 45km/h
  • Controlling Distance: About 100 meters
  • Battery for Controller: 2 x 1.5V AA Batteries (No longer Included)
  1. Vatos RC Remote Control Car Off Road High Speed 4WD 

This is another off road on the list of the best RC Cars. The acceleration on this car is just phenomenal and can reach up to 40km/H.

It also boasts of a long battery life and can go about 30-40 minutes without charge. It has a USB port for charging although you will have to buy your own power adapter as the product does not come with one.

You can shift between 3 gears with ease with the 3-stage differential gear, a first in the remote control car industry.

It also features superior performance and  drive well on different surfaces including inclines, cobblestone streets, packed dirt, asphalt and rocky terrains.

The Vatos RC car has metal gears for a stable structure, excellent operation performance, low noise and longevity.

The shock system is also on a class of its own with an independent suspension that features a helical spring which provides resilience for each tire creating a damping effect for stable driving. The rubber tires have shock-proof gasket inside for better grip and durability on the road thus making it one of the best rc cars.

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