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Best Police Scanner Fixed And Portable In 2020

Mike Cross
Updated October 19, 2020

Are you looking for the best police scanner to fit in your vehicle? You are in the right place as we have reviewed the best in the market. There has been an ongoing debate on whether or not police scanners should be available to the public.

According to John Banzaf, a professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, there is no legal reason why police scanners should not be available to the public.

Finding the best police scanner should not be a daunting task especially if you know what you are looking for. There are 3 kind of police scanners you should be looking at.

  • Hand-held: This are like walkie-talky which is highly portable.
  • Fixed Unit: These police scanners are in most cases plugged to wall and can be accessed in one stationery location
  • There is the police scanner that is directly fixed to your vehicle. In most cases comes pre-installed into the vehicle like a car stereo.

That being said, we have reviewed both portable and fixed and settling on the best police scanner is really a matter of subjectivity given the quality choices available.

Best Police Scanner Buyer's Guide

1.Uniden HomePatrol-2 Phase-2 Digital Scanner

This has to be the most recommended and highly rated police scanner. It features an intuitive touch screen which makes it easy to use. It is as easy as entering your area's zip code or city and you can start listening to transmission in your area.

The scanner utilizes the two way signal technology which means you can access the same communication systems used by the military, aircrafts, public safety and weather forecasters.

Vehicle Mount

The Uniden HomePatrol2 is perfect for mobile use as it can easily be mounted in your vehicle. What's more astonishing is you can hook it up with your speakers which makes it easy to listen to the transmission on the go. For real time updates and happenings, this device GPS is in-built so as to get the best transmission as you move around.

The Headset capability makes it easy to listen with headphones on if you want to get the  messages clearly.

You can also save the messages send across the transmission as the Uniden HomePatrol 2 comes with a 2GB Micro USD card which can always be upgraded.

If you are a more savvy user and would like to customize the unit and program it to your needs, this scanner has Uniden extreme update.

The biggest advantage of the extreme update has to be the front-panel programming and you have the whole of Canada and USA database in-built in the system.

  1. Uniden BearTracker Mobile Tracking Scanner with GPS Support

This is another scanner that features the two-way system monitoring. Although not completely mobile, that should not be a problem as you can easily hook it up in your car.

It has an aesthetic feel to it and one would think it is pricey which is not the case. This is one of the best police scanner for a truck driver as it features continuous band coverage, S.A.M.E weather alerts, location based scanning, DSC recording and a lot more fun features.

You can be sure there will be plenty of allocation for your local systems as there are over 9000 dynamically allocated channels which come with the scanner.

The close capture technology lets you tune to nearby signals with ease without even tuning the scanner.

This police scanner also boasts of a temporary lockout feature which  lets you temporarily lock out noisy signals so that you can focus on what is audible with band scope functionality.

  1. Uniden BCD325P2 Handheld Scanner

The Uniden BCD325P2 is a hand held device and comes in handy in highly mobile situations. It is mainly used by safety officers but there is nothing stopping you from mounting it in your vehicle. This device has almost similar features as the first 2 reviewed scanners and the big difference has to be size and the price tag.

The scanner has over 25000 dynamically allocated channels which makes it a piece of marvel. Just like the Bear Tracker, this scanner has location-based scanning which links up with the GPS for optimal automatic search and selection.

You can easily access a particular channel or system because of the channel number tagging which simplifies the classification process.

The CTSS/DCS rapid Decode makes it easy to quickly determine system settings by deciphering sub-audible tones.

Overall, the Uniden BCD325PS2 is up there when you are looking for the best police scanner. It should be noted that this device is not recommended for newbies as the technicality involved can be overwhelming.

  1. Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scan

This is another quality scanner and comes highly recommended especially if you are on a budget as it is below the $100 mark.

It is handheld and comes with priority scan which sets the system to scan every other 2 seconds and you can be sure of never missing a transmission.

The lockout to skip is a cool feature which basically locks out some channels when the scan is running. There is also the option of manually fine tuning the frequencies and you can start from a specific set frequency.

You can  program the scanner by updating the database and doing backup although you will need a third-party software.

The Memory backup ensures that the frequencies are stored for an extended duration of time even when the scanner has no batteries.

It has an additional antenna and BNC connector which provides the foundation for a strong reception for both weak and distance signals.

The black liquid crystal display makes it easy to see in low lighting situations and you can easily program the scanner. You can always lock the scanner to avoid accidental programming tampering which is bound to happen from time to time.

What You Get In The Box:

  • Analog Hand-held Scanner
  • AC Adapter, Flex Antenna
  • Black Battery Shell
  • Yellow Rechargeable Battery Shell
  • User Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  1. Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol Series Digital Portable

It is not only one of the best police scanner but also one of the most expensive on the list. It is definitely not for the folks who are budget conscious. That being said, the quality of the product does warranty the price tag.

If you are looking at a wider based memory with location-based scanning capabilities, then this is the scanner for you. You get 4GB call storage which is  not found in most scanners. The PC programming for regular updates and backup makes it an  excellent choice of you are not tech-savvy.

It has  S.A.M.E weather alerts and gives you access to Canada and USA transmission databases. You can use the close call RF captures for early communication frequencies without your scanner having to be tuned to them.

Just like in most Uniden scanners, you can temporarily avoid signals which are deemed to be noisy.

The 8 hour operation battery means you can use the scanner for longer hours. This device is mostly used by law enforcers in emergency situations but there is nothing stopping you from getting one. It should be noted that the unit must be completely turned off for it to charge thus cannot be charged during operation.

6. Uniden BC75XLT Handheld Digital Police Scanner

This is another police scanner falling under the $100 price tag. Don't be deceived by the price. It might not be the best police scanner out there but still gets the job done.

It is affordable, easy to use and has received stellar customer ratings on most E-commerce websites.

Being a Uniden scanner, there are features that are inherent. It comes with 300 channels in which 30 are broken into 10 banks.

The Close call RF technology makes it easy to tap into nearby transmissions. You can easily charge the scanner from a USB port.

The 10 programmed service search bands enables you to use the same system with the police, civil aviation, rail road, weather and more without breaking the bank.

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Best Police Scanner Buyer's Guide

We have reviewed some of the Best police scanners in the market from the budget-friendly to the high end ones. If you are just starting out, that information might not be enough. This is our check list if you intend to buy the best police scanner out there.

  1. Use

What will you be using the scanner for? This is the most important question you need to ask yourself before you settle on any device. If you want to intercept the radio transmissions in your state, we would recommend going for a scanner with more than 5000 channels. A $100 device might not achieve that purpose.  We would retaliate that having a police scanner is completely legal thus you don't need to get worried.


This is also another important consideration. The beauty about our review is there is a budget for just about everyone. Our reviews make sure you get decent police scanners even for entry level budgets.

3.Handheld Vs Stationary

Do you want a stationary or a handheld scanner? This should not be a problem if you are installing the scanner in your vehicle as any handheld scanner can be permanently placed so long as it has a powerful GPS.

The best police scanner is a combination of features  and it is essential to know what it is exactly you are looking for. We hope you found this review helpful in your endeavor.

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