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Best Off Road Tires 2020- Complete Review And Comparison

Mike Cross
Updated October 19, 2020

To be able to conquer the rugged outdoors and rough terrain at speed, your vehicle needs to have the best off road tires under an equally good machine.  Maneuvering snowy stretches, muddy and other rough off road terrain requires only the best tires suited for these conditions. Any tire will not do.

You could be tackling rocky outcrops, swampy ditches or even relatively shallow rivers that need to be crossed.  Off road, driving can be particularly exhilarating and fun especially when you have the right tires.  But, getting the right tires is not always so easy.

Anyone, even a novice can take their vehicle and participate in off road motoring.  Some these newcomers to off road motoring may not have the slightest idea what tires to get for their adventures.  They may think any aggressive looking tall tire will do.

Picking tires for the off road may, however, involve more than going out there or checking out online for one that is likable and tough looking.  Tires have long evolved from being metallic wheels or even the basic rubber ones first created in 1940.

The options you will have when you go out there to look for off road tires will leave you with information overload.  Here we have reviewed 7 best off road tires that have ideal features for specified off road conditions.

  1. Toyo Open Country A/T II Radial Tire – 285/75R17 121S

This tire is suitable for vans, pickups, and SUV's.  It has excellent traction on wet and snowy environments.  This radial is versatile and all-terrain.  It looks great and still offers stability on and off-road, ride comfort and has excellent handling.

Here below are the key features and benefits of this tire.

  • It has open tread block design and sidewall that looks tough. Because of this feature, the tire also delivers even tougher performance off the road on mud, dirt, or snow while maintaining a smooth, quiet ride on the road.
  • It is made of a tread compound that is wear resistant. This results in the tire having more than 40% more tread life than average tires and high durability.  This feature makes this, one of the best off road tires.  Its extended life results in more value for your money.
  • The tire has deep tread grooves that improve snow and mud traction. The tire won't skid when off the road.  It also features blocks that eject stones, removing any rocks that may get stuck in the grooves.  This enhances traction on off road terrain, keeping your ride smooth and fast.
  • Zigzag sipes and polygonal blocks on the tires enhance traction on snow.
  • This tire has a bead design that optimizes durability and improves handling.
  • Tread blocks are stabilized by tie bars which are between the blocks. This feature helps improve dry braking and durability by reducing uneven wear.


  • The tires are manufactured with much consideration for all terrain and optimized for excellent performance.
  • The tires provide a smooth ride at highways speeds while plowing through fields and ditches.
  • It has great reviews from most customers for performance on dry terrain.


  • The performance of this tire on wet areas may drop as the tire ages
  1. BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 All-Season Radial Tire -31x10.50R15/C 109S

These tires handle snow and muddy terrain excellently and have excellent traction.  They look tough and aggressive and have high durability.  They are quiet on the road.

Here below are key features that make this tire one of the best off road tires.

  • The tread rubber that manufactures this tire is specially made for improved performance and durability. It particularly handles gravel roads excellently.  The tire footprint shape is highly advanced.  It is designed to reduce uneven wear and evenly distribute stress.  Its tread pattern is also designed to reduce irregular wear.  The tread design also features increased block stability and stone ejectors.
  • This much-loved tire features CoreGard Technology. The sidewall rubber on this tire is tougher and resistant to bruises and splits.  The tire is a derivative of Baja T/AKR2, which is a race proven tire from BFGoodrich.  The crucial sidewall failure zone on this tire is well protected by extended, thicker shoulder rubber.  Rather advanced deflection design prevents objects that stick out from tearing or splitting the sidewall.
  • The shoulder blocks are staggered to enhance movement on deep snow and soft soil. The tire has increased sharp edges with 3-D active sipe technology for significantly improved snow traction.  The tire is manufactured to exceed standards set for severe snow traction.
  • Sidewall rubber blocks on these tires protrude, allowing more traction on a rough and unfriendly terrain. The bars in the shoulder tread areas are raised, and this enhances traction in soft soil and muddy conditions.  The raised bars aid in the release of compacted mud.


  • The tires are made with the latest technology. This makes the tires quite popular, earning 5-stars reviews from more than 87% of reviewers online.
  • They function very well even in wet weather. They stop easily without skidding and are recommended for wet areas.
  • These tires look great. They have the appearance of being aggressive and tough, which they are.


  • The tires appear to be made of softer rubber as compared to earlier models of these tires. This softer rubber sometimes affects their durability.
  1. Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC All-Terrain Radial Tire – LT305/65R17 121Q

This tire has been described as the ultimate extreme traction tire.  It has entirely new high-tech construction.  You can drive anywhere on this tire without any worries.  This tire is tough and handles any off road terrain superbly.  It looks impressive and functions even better.

Here are the key features and benefits of this hardy tire.

  • The sipes on this tire are placed strategically to improve durability and enhance traction in wet and snow conditions.
  • It has a 23-degree tread design that is seen on plow blades and tractor tires. This angle is optimal for self-cleaning and cutting.  This makes this tire provide excellent maneuverability in muddy and snowy conditions with its state-of-the-art mud scoops.   The self-cleaning and maximum traction provided by this feature are without extreme noise, making Baja Claw TTC one of the best off road tires available in the market.
  • The technology used to make this tire allows it to bend and conform to any surface.  This feature is achieved by placing on the tire, sidewall and tread decoupling grooves.
  • Side biters are larger and directional, while the sidewalls are puncture-resistant and tough. These features enhance maximum traction and protection.
  • The radial model is highly advanced with PowerPly 3-ply sidewalls. Two of its plies are radial, and the third one is directional.  The benefit of this feature is improved steering response.
  • T6 compound is used to make this tire. This compound is durable, tough and bendable.  T6 compound is made for radial off road tires to maximize off road traction.  Silica is added to T6 to enhance performance on wet surfaces and improve highway wear.


  • The tire has excellent off road performance making it an ideal choice for any off road adventure.
  • A technologically advanced manufacturing process is used to make this tire.


  • Not so widely known
  1. Fierce Attitude M/T Traction Radial Tire – 245/75R16 120P

This tire has a tread design optimized for aggressive mud terrain.  It has exceptional performance in very muddy conditions.  It has a stylish appearance and looks great on any vehicle it fits.  This tire is amongst the best off road tires particularly suited for thick mud conditions.

Here are the main features and benefits of this elegant tire.

  • The tire has staggered shoulder blocks for improved traction when taken for an off road adventure.
  • Rims have a protector in case of unintentional damage by a curb. This improves durability of the tires.
  • The tread patterns on these tires are designed for muddy conditions. This tread pattern is optimized to stop skidding, getting stuck and other problems that can arise in very muddy conditions.  The tire allows a fast, enjoyable ride off road on thick mud and snow.


  • This tire is ideal for countrysides where thick mud conditions are common. Those who love taking on swampy ditches at high speed find this tire particularly useful.
  • The tires are appealing with black and white sidewall designs. It has white on the raised letter sidewall, while the modern sidewall design is black.


  • The welcoming appearance of the tires is often marred in very muddy conditions. This is because the mud stains the white sidewall and makes it look unsightly.
  1. Super Swamper B-132 Bogger 15/38.5-15

This tire is built with professionalism for professionals.  It is excellent to take off road for a thrilling experience.  You will enjoy racing over muddy and swampy areas at your chosen speeds.

Here are the main features of these best off road tires especially for muddy stretches.

  • This tire is built mainly for professional mud boggers. It has aggressive mud style treads.  Everything about this tire is designed to conquer muddy stretches even where the mud is thick.
  • It is a versatile tire, adaptable to almost any environment. Its versatility makes it suitable for almost any off road and on road conditions.
  • It is D.O.T approved. However, the tire is manufactured for off road use as well.
  • The tire is easy to modify for any class, be it pro stock, cut or open.
  • It has large lugs that are also scooped to enhance grip on any surface the tire may be driven on.
  • Its carcass is bias ply.
  • The tire is very durable.
  • It has appealing looks and cuts an image of a tough tire. It's tough look, and great appearance makes it stand out even when used for vehicles that are often on road.  The tire is very appealing when fitted, and a vehicle is used at social functions and work.
  • It is made of top quality materials which are not unnecessarily bulky.


  • It has been manufactured using high tech technology. It features new design and is suitable for competitive motoring.
  • Ideal for younger generation racers who love taking to the mud.
  • The competition style design of the tire makes it wear resistant and durable.


  • There is little information on this tire online.
  1. Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Terrain Radial Tire – 35x11.50R20 124E

This tire has excellent dry and wet conditions performance.  It is comfortable to ride, quiet and great to take off road.

Here below are its main benefits and features.

  • Shoulder and Side Z Grooves. Grooves on the shoulders are designed to alternate widths and lengths.  This arrangement of grooves helps to remove mud and maintain a firm grip on any surface the tires are ridden on.  Side Z grooves have a zigzag design to provide gripping edges for enhanced traction.
  • The tires have stone ejectors to protect the tires from being drilled by small rocks.
  • The block foundation is reinforced on these tires. This improves protection of tread blocks and reduces flex.
  • The tires have a tread pattern that provides a smooth and quiet ride. Advanced equipment was used to create the tread patterns.  This is one feature that places this tire amongst the best off road tires.
  • It features a dual sidewall. It has two bold sidewall designs.  One side is a bold novel block design, while the other has a more traditional look.
  • It has staggered shoulder lugs for better grip on off road conditions.
  • It is made using state-of-the-art technology for improved durability.


  • The tire rides smoothly and quietly in both off road and highway environments.
  • Has excellent traction especially on thick mud conditions and other off road situations.
  • Unique features that make the tire next generation and a blend of the best of the old and the new.


  • There are few reviews on this tire online.
  1. Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire – LT235/75R15 104/101Q

This tire is the ultimate off road tire manufactured by Federal.  The tire performs excellently off road and also looks superb.  This is one of the best off road tires and handles the toughest terrains very well.

Here are its key features and benefits.

  • The sloped radius gradient (SGR) of the block design allows the tire to provide excellent grip when taken for an off road drive. SGR also improves block stiffness which betters performance.
  • The shoulder lugs on this tire are designed to be large and look aggressive. They are sipped and steeped and spaced out by large voids.  These voids are large enough to promote removal of debris and mud as well.  A groove within the voids enables the self-cleaning.  This cleaning helps maintain peak performance all the time.
  • The upper shoulders have a strong protection block. It protects from any off road accidents and for impact, damage and cut resistance.
  • Tread materials used to make the tires is chips, abrasions, and cuts resistant. This extends the life of the tires and prevents irregular wear.
  • Rock particles and mud are cleared by bars on the lower side of the groove. This feature is designed for enhancement of traction off road.
  • The tire uses a high tread ply rating for maximized protection when off road on rough terrain.


  • The tire has an excellent appearance and makes a vehicle look aggressive.
  • They are tough tires.
  • Have good reviews online.
  • They come at a good price, considering their excellent quality.
  • The tires have high durability when used off road.


  • Not suited for on road conditions as they are a little noisy. They also wear fast on pavement.

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Best Off Road Tires Buyer's Guide

Nothing can cause so much adrenaline to gush into your system than the fun of taking your well-prepared machine for a spin in the mud or a glide on the snow and that's where this review for the Best Off Road Tires Comes in.

But like any other adventure, this experience comes with a price.  You cannot take your regular vehicle that is customized for the highways and hit the muddy or snowy trail.  You are likely to get stuck, skid and encounter so many other complications that will take the thrill out of your adventure.

If you are a fun of the great outdoors and love to hit the rough terrain and plow your way through muddy fields, wooded areas or snowy patches, you must ensure that the vehicle you take out there is equipped to handle off road conditions.  You must be sure to get the right tires for the off road conditions you want to take on.

You must know about off road tires and particularly the best off road tires for the specific conditions that take your fancy.  You will need a guide to help you know what to look out for when you go to buy off road tires.

This guide will help you choose the best off road tires for your needs.   Here are four points to consider.

  1. Traction and Clearance.

Traction and clearance are the first factors to consider when thinking of an off road tire.  Grip is crucial, and specifications for this may differ depending on the terrain to be tackled.  Clearance, which refers to getting your 4x4 off the ground with what look like oversized tires, will also be determined by the particular conditions you intend to tackle.

Most off road tires are bigger sized than on road wheels.  Getting the best off road tires for your 4x4 may mean you will have bigger wheels.  Do note that for taller tires, you may require changing other parts of the vehicle as well.  It is also crucial to check out if parts like the rim need replacing as well depending on the tire sets you choose.

  1. Different Types Of Off Road Tires.

Here are different types of off road tires.  Each is constructed for specific conditions it is used on.

  • Snow Tires. These are suitable if you intend to go off road in snowy regions.  The tires are not affected by very low temperatures, even when these are below zero.  Their tread construction is such as to be able to bite into the wet snow and ice, thus enhancing traction.
  • Mud-Terrain Tires. These tires are ideal for a 4x4 that spends more time off road than on the road.  They have aggressive tread patterns, and larger lugs for maximized traction on off road surfaces especially snow and mud.  They have very high durability and feature super strong walls.
  • All-terrain Tires. These tires are ideal for vehicles which will spend some time off road and some time on road. They have tread elements that are interlocking, for traction on all terrains.  They have an excellent grip on the road, snow, wet ice as well as mud.  They are quite durable.  They are often not pricey.
  1. Set a budget. When shopping for tires, decide on a budget beforehand.  Some off road tires are a little pricey while others are relatively affordable.  For instance, a set of Nitto Mud Grapplers may just be what you love.  But these are a little pricey.  Pointless to consider them if they are way out of your budget.  Also, it would not be good to fail to consider them if it is within your budget to get them.
  2. Consider Tire Construction. Off road tires are one of two types of designs.
  • Bias ply design. These are an older design but has unsurpassed performance in extreme off road conditions.  This excellent performance makes these kinds the best off road tires for some hobbyist.  This design has self-cleaning treads and softer rubber for increased traction on very rough terrain.  The sidewalls of this tire type are usually reinforced for protection.  However, they perform very poorly on pavement.  They wear fast and are very noisy when driven at high speed on the road.
  • Standard Radial Design. This design of tires has improved with time, and modern ones handle off road very well.  They are made versatile such that they also handle the road excellently.  Though they cannot match bias ply design tires on the extreme off road, they are very durable and have good handling.  This would be the ideal design for the weekend off road enthusiast who spends much of the weekdays on pavement.

When you consider the above four points, you will be on your way to acquiring the best off road tires for your out of the way adventures.

Mike Cross
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