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Best CB Radios To Buy For Your Car 2020

Mike Cross
Updated October 19, 2020

If you are looking for the best CB Radios then you are in the right  place. Citizen band radios are  meant for short distance communication usually in a selection of 40 or more channels. In most countries including the US you don't need a licence to operate a CB radio.

Just like many transmissions, CB Channels are usually shared across with many users. CB radios were open to the public in 1945 and ever since they have always been used by fire fighters, paramedics, law enforcement and tuck drivers.

The advent of Smartphones has seen a decline in the use of CB radios but there are still an excellent choice for local and close range communication.

You might want a cb radio for a particular reason and we have made sure to review the best ones according to their different uses and functionality.

CB radios are particularly common among truck drivers who would want to communicate with their counterparts on the condition of the road, traffic problems and other relevant information.

We have got you covered If you are looking for the best cb radios for short range communication whether you are a radio hobbyist, truck driver, plumber, electrician or any other profession that may necessitate the use of a cb radio.

Top 6  Best CB Radios To Buy For Your Car Reviews

  1. Galaxy-DX-949 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio

This one is a compact CB radio and is much smaller than its predecessor DX59. It does include the frequency counter and some astounding  features which makes it one of the best cb radios in the market today.

You don't have to worry about losing focus on the road as the as all the radio functions are arranged in a driver friendly format. Every knob has a specific task assigned to it and you can drive stress free without having trouble yourself looking for a particular function.

You don't have to recalibrate every channel you check as the Galaxy-DX-949 has a SWR self calibration feature which makes reading the SWR a breeze.

It has a 'galaxy noise filter' which is great for noise cancellation and you will be able to communicate over the radio more clearly. If you are always on the road with an RV, you will find out a big number of truckers use SSB.

  1. Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio

If you are a trucker you will love this cb radio because it has a ton of useful features. The visual display makes it one of the best CB radios out there. It gives you the option of selecting 4 lighting colors. There is also alarm functions, brightness controls and a timer clock.

With the clock timer, you are able to monitor how many how many hours you have been driving just from your CB radio.

What's more impressive is that the Cobra CB radio has a 9 foot microphone code which provides more room for flexibility and getting the best out of the signal quality.

If you have good sound system in your vehicle then this CB radio has PA capability and can seamlessly integrate with your car speakers.

  1. Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio With Sideband And WeatherBand

The Uniden BEARCAT has a lot of  features which are similar to the Cobra thus making it one of the best CB radios. This device has an SSB which means you get a wider broadcasting range.

Another selling point for this cb radio is the SWR which is used in matching the antenna for increased accuracy. There are no destructions as the design is meant to keep you focused on the road even if you are using the device.

It also boasts of a noise blanker, automatic noise limited, NOAA weather alerts and RF gain controls.

This CB radio has 40 FFC-approved channels, full frequency display and a noise cancellation microphone which is meant to enhance communication on the road for drivers.

  1. Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio

If you are on a budget then this is among the best CB Radios you can buy. It a best seller on Amazon and has received over 500 5 star reviews.

Uniden are known to make quality communication gadgets and this one is no exception. If you are more old school and want the easy and simplicity of a cb radio then this device has got you covered even though it may not be up to par with more modern ones.

One of the unique features of the Undien 40-Channel CB Radio has to be the external speaker jack. This means you can plug in the speakers so as to get more clarity and quality from the CB radio.

The orange LCD backlight display makes it easy to view whether it is during the day or at night. You can see the channel number, volume and other useful information you would expect from a cb radio.

  1. Midland 1001Z 40-Channel CB Radio

This is another inexpensive cb radio on the list as you can get it for under 30 bucks. It is in a compact design which can be deceiving as it packs a punch and can go toe to toe with the best CB radios on the list.

The controls on the front are user friendly with knobs for RF gain, tuning and adjusting the volume.

The compact design means it can be installed in cars or trucks which have very limited real estate to work with.

The coiled design of the microphone makes it easier to communicate as you can pull it around without having the fear of it being cut.

It also has a bright LED display which is clearly visible regardless of what time of day and you can you immediately access emergency channel line without any problems.

  1. Cobra 18WXSTII Mobile CB Radio with Dual Watch

This yet another CB radio from Cobra which goes to show the quality and reliability of their products.

There are no fancy tech when it comes to the Cobra 18WXSTII but it does deliver on the most important premises.

It is compact in design and features a 9 foot microphone, 10 NOAA weather channels and 40 full CB channels.

The speakers are located on the front of the unit so that you can get the reception clearly without any interruptions. It also has a led indicator on the front panel which will be able to show you the strength of the signal.

This may not be up there with the best cb radios but it does a pretty good job if you put the price and functionality into consideration.

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What To Look For In When Searching For The Best CB Radios

There haven't been a lot of significant changes in CB radios over the years but there have been some added functionalities that have made life much easier. The weather network in particular has been a great bonus to truck drivers. Here some of the features you'd want to look for when searching for CB radios.

Emergency Channel

For a truck driver, you will sometimes be faced with emergency situations on the road. You don't want to be going through channels just to get to 9 OR 19. A good cb radio should be able to switch to the emergency channel by just pressing a button.

Noise limiter

One has to be very keen in order to hear the information being transmitted over the CB radio. That is why you need a radio which can eliminate the background noise which you will find in most electronic environments.

Channel Scanning

You want a cb radio that is able to scan all the channels completely so that you can keep in touch with fellow drivers.

Weather Channel scan

This is the additional feature that has been integrated in most modern Cb radios. NOAA is the Government agency which is responsible for issuing out alerts and monitoring the weather. The best cb radios should have a channel that communicates weather alerts in your area.

Display Lighting

This is another important consideration you should have in mind when choosing a CB radio. Lighting inside a vehicle is dynamic and you need a cb radio that can be adjusted when the environment changes.


This stands for single side modulation. The channel at the high end of the spectrum allows for SSB which is the alternative to AM transmission. Having such feature means  communication on a wide range using the CB radios. Federal law stipulates that the maximum power output is 4 watts but there is an exception for SSB-radios which can go up to 12  Watts.

User ratings

This should never be overlooked when you are doing your research. Ultimately it us the users who have used the product and can tell the best cb radios based on their own experience.

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  1. I'm still old school disabled man in the need of a old Galaxy dx99v or a reasonable price Galaxy 2517 from around year 2000

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