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What Are The Best 6x9 Speakers In 2021

Mike Cross
Updated Dec 27, 2020

Are you looking for best 6x9 speakers   to pimp your ride? You can be easily overwhelmed as there are tons of very good speakers out there and the information overload doesn't make things better.

Other than the 6.5 speakers , the 6x9 speakers are the most popular and fall under the ''big'' speakers category. Because of their sheer size, these speakers  can achieve high bass notes as they have larger subwoofers.

We are aware that shopping for speakers can be a daunting task especially if you don't know what you are looking for. There is also the  challenge of price. We have compiled the best  6x9 speakers  and you are guaranteed to find one that will satisfies  your every need.

1. Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6" X 9" 600W 4-Way Speakers

Pioneer  has been in the audio game for a couple of years now and you can be sure whatever you will buy will be of the highest quality.

The Pioneer TS-A6986R is a 4 way speaker with 600 Watts max power and 100 Watts RMS. It features a woofer, mid range.

The speakers are engineered from with intricate detail all the way from the inception to the final product.  The A series features, 3, 4 and 5 way speakers for flexibility and an array of choices for the customers.

It features a multi-layer mica woofers which ensures rigidity even when playing at full blast. This in essence exponentially reduces the distortion and you can get clear  bass sound quality

You don't have to worry as these speakers can work harmoniously  with both your factory or aftermarket  stereo unit with very little modifications.

These speakers are guaranteed to last a long time as they boast of streamlined grilles which provides extra safety.


  • 6"x9" 4-way car speakers (pair)
  • multilayer mica-matrix woofer with elastic polymer surround
  • 1-5/8" paper cone midrang
  • 3/4" PET dome tweeter and 3/8" PET dome supertweeter
  • power range: 5-100 watts RMS (600 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 27-37,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 92 dB
  • top-mount depth: 3-5/16"
  • grilles included
  • What You Get In The Box:
  • Two 4-way speakers
  • 2 Grilles
  • 8 Flat washers

2. Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speakers, Pack of 2

These are some mean good looking speakers. Beyond the aesthetics, they offer a good performance upgrade at a ridiculous price point.

The Kenwood KFC-6965S is a 3 way speaker  which simply means sound emanates from three different components namely tweeter driver, mid-range and the woofer. The three work in harmony and their functionalities depend on the different level of frequencies.

The 92 dB sensitivity  enables these speakers to absorb a lot of power without being overwhelmed. This makes them perfect for both high and low end head units. For an even greater listening experience, you can spruce things up by adding an amplifier to the mix.

You are likely to notice a distinct sound difference once you have installed this speaker especially when it comes to the highs.

Kenwood KFC-6965S Features:

  • 400W Sport Series 6x9" 3-Way Speakers
  • Power Handling:
  • Peak: 400 watts per pair
  • RMS: 45 watts per pair
  • 4 ohms impedance
  • Frequency Response: 30 - 22,000 Hz
  • Top-mount Depth: 3"
  • Sensitivity: 92dB

3. Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime 6 x 9 Inch 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker

They might have minimalist look but they are one the best 6x9 speakers  in the market. Rockford was established in 1973 and  is a pioneer in the audio industry whose known for  quality and durability. The Rockford Fosgate R169X3 continues that legacy to deliver great bass output.

For superior frequency response, these speakers feature piezo super-tweeters and silk dome tweeters which work simultaneously.

The built-in crossover aids in streamlining the power frequency to the corresponding driver i.e. high to the tweeters and low to the woofers.

These speakers are the perfect choice if you are looking at replacing your car door speakers and on a budget.

The cone has been designed with polypropylene which produce a punchy sound with pretty quick transitions from one note to the other.

The rubber surround greatly improves the linear movements and at the same time helping in excursion which you will not find in many speakers.

It features a shallow design mounting depth for easy installation and will fit in almost any vehicle in the market.

The only downside to these speakers is the low frequency reproduction. It might not be a deal breaker but most sound enthusiasts are always keen when it comes to sensitivity. Overall the Rockford Fosgate R169X3 can still deliver quality bass output despite the low frequency range.


6"x9" 3-way car speakers (pair)

polypropylene woofer cone with rubber surround

1/2" silk dome tweeter

piezo supertweeter

power range: 2-65 watts RMS (130 watts peak power)

frequency response: 47-20,000 Hz

sensitivity: 90 dB

top-mount depth: 2-15/16"

grilles included

What You Get In The Box:

Two 3-Way speakers

2 Grilles

Eight 1-1/4" Self-tapping screws

8 Speed clips

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4. Kicker DS693 6"x9" 3-Way Speakers

These speakers provide an easy and cost effective  alternative of upgrading your audio system. The Kicker DS693 are one  of the best 6x9 speakers when it comes to bass.

Kicker are well known in the audio world for big bass and the Kicker DS693 is no exception when it comes to delivery.

If you are looking for crisp, well-balanced and clear sound, these speakers come highly recommended.

It features extended heavy duty voice coil, not common in most stock car speakers, for maximum heat dissipation.

For precise linear excursion, the Kicker DS693 has a polypropylene cone with UV-treated surround.

To handle the mid-range, it has a poly dome midrange for improved sound dispersion and acoustic articulation.


  • 3-way 6"x9" speakers (pair)
  • polypropylene woofer cone with polyester foam surround
  • 2" polypropylene dome midrange
  • 1/2" polyether imide (PEI) film balanced dome tweeter
  • power range: 6-70 watts RMS (140 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 30-20,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 92 dB
  • top-mount depth: 3-1/4"

What You Get In The Box:

  • Two DS693 6" x 9" triaxial speaker
  • Two 12" lengths of tinned speaker wires with terminals pre-attached
  • Four butt connectors
  • Eight 1" self-tapping screws
  • Eight speed clips


These speakers can be a major upgrade from your factory speakers. They can handle some big power and are pretty popular in the car audio industry for their renown sound quality.

They take it beyond just getting loud and specialize in handling enormous power and sound reproduction with extreme clarity.

It uses a multilayer hybrid fiber cone and a smooth silk dome tweeter for smooth base response and crystal clear highs.

Alpine as you know doesn't cut cost with cheap material. They use powerful neodymium magnet on the entire series. This allows the mounting depth of the speakers to be smaller without sacrificing power handling.

The ALPINE SPR-69 uses an HD polymer frame instead of a steel design found in most speakers. This allows the speakers to be stronger, lighter and easier to install. This speaker is available in both component and coaxial configuration.

It uses the new ring dome tweeter with high lighter aluminum voice coil for increased high frequency output. There is seamless integration with the optimized woofer materials and the new tweeter.


  • 6-1/2" Type-S Series Car Speakers
  • Power Handling:
  • Peak: 480 watts per pair / 240 watts each
  • RMS: 160 watts per pair / 80 watts each (CEA-2031 Certified)
  • Tuned poly-mica cone woofer
  • Swivel-mount tweeter
  • 4 ohms impedance
  • Square-wire short voice coil
  • Top-mount depth: 2-1/4"

6. Polk Audio DB691 6-by-9-Inch 3-Way Speakers

Polk makes a lot of speakers for car and home use. The DB series is one of the most popular 6x9 speakers and all for good reasons.

The DB stands for dynamic balance and Polk uses dynamic imaging to achieve  a balanced woofer cone which makes the bass sound clear and smooth.

The design of the speaker eliminates vibration which in most cases is responsible for sound distortion in speakers.

The Polk Audio DB691 features a silk polymer composite for detailed sound reproduction and has a magnet fluid around it for maximum heat dissipation so that you can play for longer hours even when the volume is cranked.

These speakers are certified for marine use and you don't need to worry about them big exposed to the elements.

If you have an open jeep but still want to turn up then these speakers makes an excellent choice.


  • 6"x9" 3-way car speakers (pair)
  • marine certified
  • Kapton voice coil
  • built-in 2-way crossover network
  • ABS wheel-design grilles
  • stainless steel mounting hardware
  • power range: 10-100 watts RMS (300 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 35-22,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 93 dB
  • top-mount depth: 3-3/16"

What You Get In The Box:

  • Two 3-way speakers
  • 2 Grilles
  • 2 Bottom-mount brackets
  • 8 Self-tapping screws
  • 8 Speed clips
  • Owner's Manual
  • Online registration sheet

7. CT Sounds Bio 6x9 Inch 2 Way Silk Dome Coaxial Car Speakers

We haven't written a lot about CT sounds but their product line will easily compete with some of the best 6x9 speakers on the market.

With this package, you get two 2 way 6 x9 speakers. They have good built quality and are an excellent replacement of  the car's factory speakers.

It has great bass response and will work fine with your factory head unit and even better with an additional amplifier.

A  black steel basket is used in each of the speakers for heat dissipation and improved sound excursion.

The Bio has a polypropylene cone and NBR rubber surround which helps in maintaining the highest sound quality even with the volume cranked to the fullest.


  • Speaker size: 6x9”
  • Speaker type: Coaxial
  • System total power: 80W (rms), 160W (max)
  • Rated power per speaker: 40W (rms), 80W (max)
  • Rated power per speaker pair: 80W (rms), 160W (max)
  • Voice coil: 1" (diameter)
  • Rated impedance: 4Ω (Ohms)
  • Sweep voltage: 12.5V
  • Output SPL (@ 1w/1m): 90dB
  • Resonant frequency: 65Hz
  • Frequency response (@ SPL -10dB): 40Hz – 20kHz
  • Magnet weight: 21oz
  • Magnet type: Y30 ferrite

8. BOSS AUDIO CH6930 Chaos Extreme 6" x 9" 3-way 400-watt Full Range Speakers

BOSS AUDIO CH6930 are among the best 6 x9 speakers you will find with an unbeatable price point. With more than 1000 5-star rating, these speakers are the bomb.

The cone is made from polyurethane which enhances flexibility for great quality bass and durability of the speakers.

The foam surround has been a big challenge for most speaker manufactures as they tend to deteriorate at a higher level. The standard surround used in these speakers is guaranteed to give you 16 years life span for the much needed excursion.

They are also self damping which means they can effectively control unwanted movements to the speaker cones which is the main cause of sound distortion.

It also features an elevated voice coil to keep up with increased temperatures that overwhelm the system  whenever there is extended playing time.

The BOSS AUDIO CH6930 has a mylar tweeter which provides a wider array of sound modifications and channel handling.

Compared to paper cones ,mylar material tend to last longer and is not prone to ripping in case of prolonged trebles and abrupt frequency changes.


  • 3-way Full Range Speaker System
  • Power Handling:
  • Peak: 400 watts per pair / 200 watts each
  • RMS: 200 watts per pair / 100 watts each
  • Red metallic poly injection cone
  • Butyl rubber surround
  • 1" high- temperature aluminum voice coil
  • 1" polymide dome tweeter
  • 40 oz. magnet structure
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 92dB

Final Verdict

We have reviewed some of the best 6 x 9 speakers currently in the market today. The list may not be exhaustive but we have made sure to cover only the best.

There are some 6 x 9 speakers that would be suitable for a particular vehicle or a particular purpose. If you are more of an outdoor person or would want to pimp the sound system in your boat, we recommend the Polk Audio.

All factors considered, the choice you make will ultimately be dependent on your needs and the budget you have. We hope this review helps you in that process.

Mike Cross
Life is too short to drive with stock audio

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