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The Best 6x8 Speakers To Buy In 2021

Mike Cross
Updated Dec 27, 2020
Best 6 x 8 speakers

Are you looking  to upgrade your factory unit with some of the best  6x8 speakers   in the market today? You are in the right place as we have the best speakers  and we guarantee that you will find  one that perfectly suit your needs.

Best 6x8 speakers   2018 Buyer's Guide

1. Infinity 6829CF 300W (Peak) 6 x 8 2-Way Speakers (Pair)

This infinity coaxial speaker provides extra compensation for robust resistance for factory speakers and even greater output for aftermarket speakers.

These speakers have  a have broader frequency range thus delivering top notch sonic performance.

It features an adjustable tweeter control which makes it easy to tune your system to balance out the sound in your car.

In terms of response to power, this speaker has a rating of 94dB which makes among the best 6 x 8 speakers.

To get the best out of the speakers, it is highly recommended that you hook it up with an outboard amplifier as it can be power hungry.

For better listening, the Infinity 6829CF has unipivot tweeter which aids in improved sound imaging. The plus one Technology offers more cone area compared to speakers in its class and is reinforced with carbon injected glass fibre material with a rubber surround.


  • Power Handling:
  • Peak: 600 watts per pair / 300 watts each
  • RMS: 200 watts per pair / 100 watts each
  • Recommended Minimum Power: 25-150 watts each
  • 2 ohms impedance
  • Frequency response: 40-25,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth: 2-3/8"
  • Sensitivity: 94dB

2. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 6 x 8-Inches Full Range 3-Way Speakers

Factory speakers won't compete if you have this Rock Fostage 6 x 8 speakers. You can always rely on Rockford for some serious reliable upgrade delivered with a punch.

This speaker has excellent accuracy and solid peak power. It offers a flexfit basket to ensure compatibility with factory speaker locations.

An integrated concealed crossover eliminates the need to mount any black boxes making installation a breeze.

It features a high dome tweeter as well as integrated high pass crossover concealed in the woofer's basket. The mineral-filled polypropylene injection molded cone is stiff and light weight and provides high durability.

Rockford's patented vast technology significantly increases effective cone area up to 25% to allow more output, increased efficiency and bigger bass thus making it one of the the best  6x8 speakers.


  • 3-way 6"x8" speakers (pair)
  • mineral-filled polypropylene woofer
  • butyl rubber surround
  • power range: 6-65 watts RMS (130 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 65-24,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 90 dB
  • top-mount depth: 2-5/16"

What You Get In The Box:

  • Two 6x8 Three-way speakers
  • Eight 1-1/4" Allen head screws
  • 3mm Allen head bit
  • 8 Speed clips
  • Installation manual

3. Pioneer TS-A6886R 6" x 8" 4-Way Speaker

The Pioneer TS-A6886R has some serious power with a great price point. If you are looking at taking your system to the next level without paying a fortune then these are speakers are for you.

They are excellent when it comes to performance enhancement. The high temperature voice coil lets you enjoy the music without having to worry about distortion or overheating.

In addition, the tweeters in these speakers feature wave guide technology  for increased sensitivity.

This pioneer speaker is designed for detailed sound quality  and can handle up to 600 Watts of peak power during hard listening sessions. The Pioneer TS-A6886R is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best 6 x 8 speakers and are available in both coaixail  and component models.


  • power range: 5-60 watts RMS (350 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 28-39,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 91 dB
  • top-mount depth: 2-3/8"
  • -5/8" paper cone midrange

What You Get In The Box:

  • Two 4-way speakers
  • Two 12" lengths of speaker wire (female quick slides on one end and bare wire on the other)
  • Eight 1" Self-tapping screws
  • Warranty information
  • Specifications on box flap

For superior rigidity, the Pioneer TS-A6885R features a multilayer mica matrix cone  which enhances rigidity while ensuring there is no distortion at all.

The Built-in crossover functions to ensure there is an acoustic balance between the tweeter and mid-woofer for the perfect frequency range.

From the engineering, these speakers are built for performance and the frequency response is a emphasizes the fact. You can listen to different genres of music without trying to mess around with your head unit.

It features 350 Watts Max power and 60 Watts RMS which gives the speakers good handling even with prolonged play. The speaker has a high-resistant voice coil which helps in heat dissipation and ensure the speaker can withstand high input power.

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4. kenwood kfc-c6865s 6x8" 500 watt 2-way car audio coaxial speakers

These  are of the  best  6x8 speakers if you are looking at replacement for your factory unit. They will enrich your music  with bounced highs, tight mid bass and mid range details and will fit in just any car audio budget.

The quality of the sound is improved with the  2 way design which has a 1 inch balanced dome tweeter which accentuates the different genres of music.

The tight polypropylene woofer is designed to work hard and bring out the nice quality detail of the music you are listening to.

Their high sensitivity(92dB) means they will not need a lot of power and sound great even when connected to the factory stereo and will definitely sound better if you add a little more power which makes it a great match for any aftermarket head unit.


  • 6"x8" 2-way speakers (pair)
  • polypropylene woofer with 1" balanced dome tweeter
  • grilles included
  • power range: 2-30 watts RMS (250 watts peak power)
  • impedance: 4 ohms
  • frequency response: 35-22,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 92 dB
  • top-mount depth: 2-5/16"

5.KICKER DS68 6x8" 140 Watt 2 Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers 11DS68 Pair

These speakers features max power of 200 Watts and 50 Watts RMS. They also feature a drop-in coaxial  upgrade with the flexibility to fit nearly any car doors. Their thin profile makes them void of obstructing any kind car window mechanism.

The high sensitivity motor structures of the woofers are meant to deliver an increased volume output despite lower powered head units. It delivers remarkable performance and clean bass and also providing value and affordability.

It utilizes a heavy duty motor magnet structure with kicker's EVC extended voice coil for even deeper lows.

Their polypropylene cones and UV treated surrounds work together for excellent reliability and precise acoustic control with an impedance of 4 ohms. They produce a maximum peak out of 225 Watts and 75 Watts RMS. Given the price point, the KICKER DS68 is an excellent choice if you are searching for only the best 6x8 speakers.


  • 225 watts of peak power handling
  • 75 watts of RMS power handling
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 45 - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity(dB @ 1W/1M): 90
  • Mounting Diameter: 5” x 7.19”
  • Mounting Depth: 2.18”

7. CERWIN VEGA V468 6-Inch x 8-Inch 400 Watts Max/75Watts RMS Power Handling 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Set

Not a known brand but this speakers will deliver above and beyond your expectations. It has a signature surround and features a 1 inch dome tweeter which can compete with best  6x8 speakers  out there.

For power handling, it has 400 Watts max power and 75 Watts RMS. It has a nice rang sound with impeccable acoustic balancing.

This speaker has 94DB sensitivity and may require more power to  thus an amplifier comes highly recommended.


  • 6 Inch x 8 Inch Vega Series 2-Way Car Speakers
  • Power Handling:
  • Peak: 400 watts
  • RMS: 75 watts
  • Mica filled poly cone
  • Vega signature red surround
  • 1 Inch titanium dome tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 55-20,000 Hz
  • Top-mount Depth: 2.85 Inch
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
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