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10 Mistakes Car Owners Make

Mike Cross
Updated October 17, 2020

There are a lot of common mistakes car owners make that can lead to poor performance over time. This mistakes can be avoided and  will save you a fortune in mechanical repairs.

Mistakes Car Owners Make
Mistakes Car Owners Make

1.Starting And Driving The Car right Away

Most car owners are guilty of this mistake. Some have perfected the art that they do it  without even thinking. This is not good for the engine. You need to give the engine 10 to 15 seconds to get the oil to the critical components  and let the RPM drop down. Older cars should be given more time and in cold weather, you should give your car 20-30 seconds to start up because the oils are really thick.


Another mistake people make is to rave the car right away and pushing the car hard. You should always wait till your engine gets to operating temperatures before you can rave it up.

3.Gasoline Mistakes

This is one of the  mistakes car owners makes. They  put premium gasoline in a car that only needs regular. You are only hurting your car as there are no performance benefits or fuel economy. Octane is the measure of how hard it is for the gasoline to explode.

4.Oil change

This one will come as a shocker to many. You must have heard or read that you should change your car oil after every 3000 miles. Well it is not necessarily true. Today's oils can last up to 5000 miles and there are  synthetics can go up to 15000 miles.


Not a lot of people inspect their cars on a regular basis. Since you are driving every day, you can't just assume that your tires are not properly inflated, the oil levels is not on point, there is enough wind shield wiper fluid. You can do an inspection every other week to make sure everything is working fine.

6.Tire Pressure

Not checking the tires pressure is one of the mistakes car owners make. You want to make sure you don't over or under inflate your tires. The recommended tire pressure for your car is located on the inside door jamb of the driver's side. Make sure you check your tire pressure when the temperature changes 10 degrees or more.

7.Tire Treads

It is important that you check how much treads is left on your tires. You should not go below the legal limit. You also want to look for any slashes, gouges and the wear of the tires.

8.Spare Tires

Most people will never bother to check their spare tires. They only realize the spare is not in good shape when they have a puncture. You should check on it regularly to make sure it is in good condition.

9.Owners Manual

I bet majority of car owners have never read the manual. It is one of the most fundamental things when you buy a vehicle. It should take you around 2 hours but in the end you will know what every button does in the car.


A lot of people don't know how to clean their car properly. Some people will use paper towel on their vehicle and not use any liquid. You should not use paper towel when you are cleaning off your paint. Instead you should use a micro fibre cloth with a lubricant.

These are the common mistakes can owners make and we hope that you won't be doing them again after going through this article.

Mike Cross
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